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Orchids are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world, second only to roses.

Orchids range from large growing extravagant and elaborate species to very small plants that are barely noticed. Within Australia we have native orchids that range from tiny plants to large growing species.

Orchids have been cultivated for centuries, so the range of hybrids available at a specilaist orchid nursery is incredible, and increasing every year with orchid enthusiasts all over the world involved in breeding programs.

As orchids originate from a range of climates you will find both tropical orchid species and cool climate orchids available for sale. Popular as an indoor plant orchids will also grow well in the garden, shade house or green house depending climate.

We are often asked about basic orchid care, this is very difficult with so manty species, in general orchids do like a free draining soil and filtered light, however we strongly suggest you look at specific advice on individual species pages, and always obtain growing notes when buying orchids online.

Our orchid pages provide information and original photographs on a range of orchid species, and provide links to where to buy orchids in Australia.

Orchid hybrids are very popular, however we do notice a trend to people looking at growing species orchids as well, sometimes the simple beauty of the species is as great an attraction as the perfect hybrid.

Did you know that their are more Orchid Clubs and Societies in Australia than for any other plant? Did you know that their are more Orchid Shows than for any other plant. Yes Roses are more widely grown, however Orchids are one of the great flowering plants, and slightly addictive...