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When To Plant Roses in Melbourne.

Roses are sold bare rooted in the winter or in pots all year round in Melbourne, now most planting conventions will tell us that growth is best if plants are planted when the soil is warm, so you could try to plant early, before the cold of winter really sets in, or late once winter begins to turn to spring. This is promote as much root growth as possible when plants are put in the ground.

HOWEVER - If buy go to late you might not find the variety you are after, go to early and the new releases are not available.

Remember that roses are tough and we suggest that if you water them in with a mixture of worm (vermicaste) farm liquid or a vermicaste tea, and some seaweed fertilizer, and mulch around them to keep as much warmth in the soil as possible your roses will take off in the spring and be flowering by Melbourne Cup Day..

Looking for the best rose garden in Melbourne ?
Well it's at Werribee, the Victoria State Rose Garden with over 5000 roses, a rose lovers paradise. Visit in October through to May...