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Garden Pots Serve a number of functions in the garden and around the home and with such a wide variety of plant pots and planter pots available for sale it is fairly easy to find the appropriate pot for the right plant and landscaping need.

Garden Pots and Planters fulfill three basic needs:

  • functional
  • decorative
  • practical

In terms of functional designs, here we are looking at pots and garden platers for a purpose, to grow plants, widely used in wholesale nurseries plastic is the most common simple type. Growing plants in pots and planters also allows us to move plants around from season to season to provide a more ongoing display.

Decorative Garden Pots are used for aesthetic reasons, simply they look good, and some cases the plant itself is almost secondary

Practical Pots and Planters allow us to grow plants in places where we do not have access to soil, in courtyards indoors,, in terraces, on balconies etc.